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Chairman's Message:

R. Buckminster Fuller, the eminent American technocrat writes, "We engineers will perform new miracles in the fields of medicine, communication and transportation and develop a continuous stream of marvelous fabrics and household appliances... But unless we achieve a position of leadership with human values, our talents will continue to be wasted and misdirected .... Running wild and out of control, technological progress will become a disease, a plague of asphalt and armaments, pollution and blight." At the end H.R. Group of Intuitions, Ghaziabad, not only ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001:2004 Certified quality education in the realms of engineering, pharmacy, hotel management and business management is provided, but also leadership with values and  missionary outlook is doggedly cultivated and instilled amongst the students.

The HR Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001:2004 Certified comprises four sister Institutions namely the H.R. Institute of Technology, the H.R. Institute of Pharmacy, the H.R. Institute of Hotel Management, and the H.R. Institute of Professional Studies. The four sister institution have earned for themselves a distinct niche in the entire  National Capital Region for their excellent performance within just a short span of less than 3 years. The H.R. Group of Institutions is well-equipped with all the requisite infrastructure, modern state-of-art labs, fully air-conditioned and computerized library, enabling academic environment, highly qualified, experienced and committed faculty and staff, a huge and panoramic and tranquil campus.

I wish a very happy, bright and gainful future to all the new seekers of the knowledge and warmly welcome them all to the HR Group of Intuitions, Ghaziabad.


Er. Anil Agrawal


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